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We are looking for more writers to join our blog and write about motorcycling in the UK. Here you can find all the necessary information on our mission and what we are looking for in applicants. Many requirements need to be followed for us to consider any applicant.

Our Topics

Our topics are all centred on motorcycles. Motorcycling is popular throughout the UK and is used in many activities and sports along with touring and adventure riding. Our topics are centred on various important issues such as advice on choosing how to buy motorcycles and giving reviews on the best adventure and touring motorcycles on the market.

Our readers visit this blog to learn about the campsites which are dedicated to providing comfortable stays to motorcyclists in the UK as we have a large focus on detailing all the most popular motorcycle campsites.


To apply for a writer’s position at Moto BOTC, you will need to know all things motorcycling. As most of our readers are experienced adventure and touring motorcyclists, our applicants need to have good knowledge of everything to do with motorcycles and especially touring bikes and routes.

As we are centred in the UK, good knowledge around how the UK motorcycling scene is growing and how many motorcyclists take part in tours is vital.

Skills with writing, creating interesting topics, punctuation, grammar, and overall good knowledge of the English language is necessary for all applicants to apply for a writing position at Moto BOTC.

Find out More

To find out more on how to apply for a writing position at Moto BOTC Blog, contact us on our contact page for further information. We might require any applicants to supply written examples of their work to showcase their knowledge about motorcycles and writing skills.