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A Beginner’s Guide to Motorcycle Touring

Going on your first motorcycle tour can be exciting and fun but there are many things to consider before hitting the road. Decent planning needs to be done to ensure no problems happen on the road and that the experience will be enjoyed. Here are some of the most important factors to consider in planning your routes and how to handle the baggage on the motorcycle.

As most people associate speed with motorcycling, there is a lot more than that to motorcycle touring.

Consider the following factors before leaving on any motorcycle tour.

Route Planning

Especially when going out to unfamiliar towns or states, it’s important to find out about the route beforehand. Planning where to stop and where to stay over for the night should be done long before going on the road.

Motorcycle touring is all about adventure and seeing new places around the country. Setting out early in the morning and having the route planned out in full can provide you with one of the best travelling experiences.

Small Things to Remember

With motorcycle tours, there is not much space for taking many things with you on the road, but some things are important to remember. Some of the most useful things to take with that will not take up a lot of space include lip balm, sunglasses, and earplugs. On the long road, the sun can be harmful, and these accessories can help to enjoy the tour while staying protected from the sun.


Most touring motorcycles come with baggage and luggage holders. Investing in a full luggage set is one of the most beneficial accessories to add to your touring motorcycle if it was not a standard option with purchase. Most of the brand name luggage sets are heavy duty and will keep all personal belongings safe.


Safety is more important than comfort, investing in the right gear can provide vital safety to any rider. The most important safety accessories include gloves, padded jackets, and padded trousers. Although bike touring is mostly done at slower speeds, safety should still be the most important factor to consider.