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The UK is one of the best countries with scenic routes to enjoy when going on a motorcycle tour. The blogs on this list all provide informative advice and facts about motorcycling in the UK and how to enjoy your next motorcycle tour.

Adventure Bike Rider –

Adventure Bike Rider Magazine is based in Stratford, UK and posts up to 6 informative articles every week. They are seen as the UK’s favourite adventure and motorcycle touring magazine. The magazine has a wide focus on how to enjoy motorcycle tours and the various routes to take part in.

New reviews on touring bikes and gear can be found in the magazine every week. They go into detail on some of the most beautiful places to tour through in the UK with photos and videos of the tours.

Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd –

Guided Motorbike Tours Ltd Blog provides new riders with unforgettable experiences on motorcycle tours all across the globe. They are seen as highly reputable touring guides. They believe in setting a new standard for how motorcycle travelling should be done.

The blog has articles on all their guided trips and tours throughout the UK with photos and videos. Some of the articles have a special focus on gear and setting up your motorcycle for long-distance touring.

Biker and Bike –

This blog is all about being independent, and providing advice on motorcycles, rides, and how to save money with motorcycling. Biker and Bike’s aim is to make sure bikers and their bikes are sorted and safe. They go into detail into everything from how not to overpay for motorcycles and how to look after your motorcycle and all the ear involved.

Setting up your motorcycle suspension and other setting up advice is found all over the blog and can even guide a biker into how to get the best deals on motorcycles.

Visit any of these blogs to stay up to date on all the latest reviews on touring motorcycles, gear, places to see on motorcycle tours, and where to stay.